Monday, April 30, 2007

Uncle and Auntie swearing in hokkien at Giant Puchong

One evening while out shopping with Mrs B and the family at Giant Puchong...

Auntie: Hoi! Keen na. Boh chiak peng ar? Kii chiak sai lar le!

Uncle: *trotting over* lai lar lai lar. em mai ani tuah sia eh sai bo? kanineh!

Auntie: lu kii kam lan lar!

Uncle: cipet!

Auntie: lancau!

Uncle: lu hor lang kan la!

Auntie: hah? hor tiang kan ar? see le ai kan wor niah mah! si beh yong eh tuah keena! chiak sai lar le!

Uncle: *speechless*

Auntie: *staring at uncle with hands-at-the-hips-auntie pose*

Honest! They above really took place but I have no idea how the conversation ended because I was moving in another direction. My ear waxes almost flowed out listening to them swearing at each other in hokkien. Just to complete the scene, imagine this:

Auntie is wearing a very thin two piece pyjamas, wearing a red bra (yes, OMG! OMG! OMG!) and with two hair curlers at the back (ZOMG!). But the Uncle was quite decently dressed in a short sleeve shirt and short pants. They both looked like in their 50s and 60s.

Mrs B: What were you looking at?

Me: You don't want to know. I am just amazed at some people shopping here. Must come here more often, hehehe

Buaya69 says... "OMG! Can't shake that red bra of my mind, arrrrgghhh!"


Anonymous said...

Could be fun. I remember a chingay procession in Penang inclusive of a bong pai heah and bong pai soh both sitting in a trishaw and quarreling loudly in the most colourful Hokkien language you've ever heard. Adds colour to the procession. Not so now as we have become more 'politically correct'! It was fun while it lasted.

marsha said...

gosh...reminds me of all the foul hokkien I used to hear among my Penang-ite relatives! long time never hear di. wah, strangely....brings back memories of those *KNNLBCCB* days! :-)

Buaya69 said...

anon: really? wow! yah, it sucks to be soooo politically correct these days.

marsha: memories? sure or not? you tak spew them KNN meh? hehehe :P

TheDato' Fazly said...

i dun understand.. but dat freakin awesome..