Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Did a stock check of my bottles in the drink cabinet. Alamak! So many unopened bottles of Dom Benedictine's!

I suspect they were pressies for Mrs B from well-wishers when she gave birth to SueAnne. Nevermind, I thought. Since Mrs B is not fond of alcohol, maybe I can give them away as pressies but tengok tengok, all will be expiring soon, haiyar!

That only left me with the option of consuming them but muah here is no fan of Dom. However, a man's got to do what a man's got to do. Hence, allow me to introduce to you the various ways of consuming Dom, hehehe.

(1) Dommilo

2 big tablespoons of Milo
Steaming hot water
No sugar
Two shots of Dom
Result? Heavenly sleep ;)

(2) Domcafe

1 tablespoon of Nescafe instant coffee, preferably strong
Steaming hot water
No sugar
2 - 3 shots of Dom
Result? Go Go Go!

Best taken in office but make sure no one catches you. Alternatively, you can do what I do. CONVERT your cubicle colleagues to the wonders of Domcafe, muahahahahar! *evil*

(3) Tangy Surprise

Straight from the fridge
1 - 2 sticks of carrot (cold)
2 - 3 oranges (cold)
1 apple (cold)
juice them all
add 2 shots of Dom
Result? Refreshing!

That's all for now.

Future experiments will include juicing cucumber, celery (quite yucky by itself), dash of bacardi lemon, whisky, ribena and maybe even red/white wine. Not sure about the latter but the rest should be a nice mix of tripple, hic!

Buaya69 says... "Who needs the Beach Club? Unless you wanna be hunted ler, muahahahahar!"


marsha said...

should have told me earier mah!!! i got 5 bottles of DOM. i drank them neat, on the rocks or off the bottle and finished all 5 bottles in two months! *hic* *hic*

Buaya69 said...

wahlaueh, 5 bots in 2 months??? I Royal Salute you, hehehe

Bart said...

Fantastic idea... I tried coffee with Kahlua or brandy before but never with DOM. Must try :o)