Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thomas Chan - bespoke shoes

Call me crazy but this afternoon, I just plonked RM1,000 for a bespoke/made-to-measure (MTM) leather shoe from Thomas Chan at Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC). Honestly, the ready-to-wear (RTW) was only RM400 but as I went for MTM, the price went up by another RM300. And then, what is Thomas Chan without the orthodonthic sole? Add another RM300 to that.

The picture is a Florsheim - Kenmoor - Long Wing (Heritage Calf Black)

Oh, I went for a classic black wing-tip 5-eyelet blucher. Yup, super traditional but that's what the army officers are made to wear with the No.4 uniform. I have not worn this design for more than 15 years!

As we were walking out of BSC...

Mrs B: so... someone was very happy with his RM1,000 purchase lar?

Me: Errr... well, my heel, you know... err, has been in pain... acting up, you know... ageing lar... old wounds from army days lar... you know...

Mrs B: sure sure. Next time, any purchases MORE than RM1,000... remember our deal? Joint agreement, ok? *wink wink*

Me: Yes maam!

Truly, Mrs B let me off easily, because about 2 months ago, I plonked RM2,000 on 5 shirts from Lords Tailor at BSC again...

Now, why all this spending on bespoke shoes and dress shirts? That's because on one fine evening, I got a personal "dressing down" from my Chairman... all about my dressing. I take great pride in my attire but it didn't pass my Chairman's muster.

Buaya69 asked the Lord's Tailor,"Could you make my tummy disappear?"


Umar Abdul Aziz Bin Hj Mohd Affandi Bin Abdul Rahman said...

Hai,kenal x dengan blog OhMisteri ? kalau belum kenal ? jom visit n join blog tu di ,ok hidup malaysia,babai

mama23beas said...

You call your time in ROTU as 'army days'? Muahhaha *pecah perut*