Sunday, April 26, 2009

Overdue updates and "Alone in Bangkok"

Wahlaueh, I have not been a responsible blogger. Neglecting this and the family blogs. Ooo, whip me baby, WHIP ME! :P :P :P

New "old" job
Since end last year 2008, I have been back to the consulting line, to my first job in actual fact. One of the partners told me straight in the eye "Buaya, you are a sucker for pain, aren't you?". Yup, I'm now back to the stress of tight deadlines of proposals and deliverables, late nights, pizza dinners, etc etc. But this time, I do make it a point to walk off by 8pm, if I can help it lar.

One of my closest buddies asked me "Why why WHHHYYYY???". Well, I think consulting is in my blood. I thrive on pressure, gets excited with new projects, brainstorming (more like squeezes) and especially the thrill of proposal wins. Ok, that was my formal answer...

Ol'friend : (Lifted his glass of vodka and looked at me) "Ya, right... It's the young girls right? Liar!"

With friends like him, who needs enemies? :D

Baby Buayatte No.3!
The Buaya family is blessed with Baby Shushanna, born 15 Feb 2009. More on her at the family blog.

Alone in Bangkok
Buaya69 is now in Bangkok, my first trip to the City of Angels. It was a rushed trip, all decided within a 2-3 days by the higher ups. I'm staying at a serviced residence about 15 minutes walk to my Bangkok office, 20 minutes to Suanlum night market and 15 minutes to the (in)famous Patpong area...

Alas, I have been so busy that the only Bangkok I have largely seen is the view when walking to and back from the office. But I did go out for dinner last night. The hotel told me that it was safe as long as I don't go anywhere near the red shirts gathering at Sanam Luang, so I made a dinner trip to Suanlum night market. Man, the street food's cheap and good there. I had briyani-like chicken rice for THB30, fruit juice for THB20 and coconut meat with ice-cream for RM25. Bought myself 2 neckties for THB300 and THB99 but on closer look back at the hotel, the quality sucks bigtime but you get what you pay for, oh well...

Sorry, no photos. Didn't bring out my camera last night.

How about Thai traditional massage? Yet to try that here in Bangkok. Met one of the Indonesians staying at the hotel and she suggested two clean establishments walking distance away.

OK, that's all for now. Need to get back to work (on a Sunday!!!).

Buaya69 asks, "I wonder how the hotel pool is like.... must take the opportunity to exercise... or should I pig out at Suanlum again for dinner?"

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