Monday, January 26, 2009

My reputation precedes me

Girl manager: Boss, you free now ar?

B69: You tanya me like that, what automatic response from me are you expecting?

Girl mgr: Aiyah, no lar. I thot if you are free for the next 30 minutes, you can sit in this interview. We are, right now, interviewing this graduate for XYZ position. With your experience, you can give us a 2nd opinion whether she's a good fit.

B69: XYZ grade? I think you guys can handle that, right? You don't need me for that...

Girl mgr: Yah, true but for this candidate, I'm sure you are interested one. She's ex-Miss Malaysia finalist and a graduate. We are not sure whether this is really want she wants. Maybe you can interview cum counsel her like what you did to the others.

B69: The others were for manager levels lar.

Girl mgr: Yes, but she's ex-Miss Malaysia finalist... (Wink wink)...

B69: You are tempting me, aren't you? Bad girl bad girl...

Girl mgr: You buaya sifu mar, hehehe

B69: -_-"""

Buaya69 says,"We need some staff photos to spruce up this brochure..." :P

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doc said...

Only for the brochure? ;-)