Friday, June 13, 2008

Super selfish ahlians

Recently, our cafeteria has seen a surge of staff eating-in rather than driving-out. Must be due to the recent 40% price hike on fuel. Looks like most of us wage earners in the company have "changed our lifestyle". The Gahmen should be happy.

Arising from this sudden demand, there just aren't enough tables and chairs during "peak" hours, namely 12pm - 1.30pm. But we'll still line-up for food and drinks, pay at the counter and then wait for some kind soul to vacate their seat or table. Most of the staff are understanding and they'll quickly vacate their seat upon finishing their food, especially during peak hours.

This is where I want to rant about these 6 good-for-nothing super-selfish ahlians. It was super-peak that day and many of us were just standing with our food waiting for tables. Not a very nice experience when your tummy is growling growling. My colleague saw this table of ahlians. They have already finished their food and were just chatting away. My colleagues, Mr G and Ms S, stood behind them expecting the ahlians to move. 5 mins..... 10 mins..... basket! They were still yakking away about their dogs and cats and bad hair days and pms's and what nots, even after the cleaner came and took away their empty plates! Basket!

I was going to walk over and give them the "move bitch!" when I chance upon a table leaving. I quickly sat down and waved to my colleagues to come over. Needless to say, another staff-desperately-waiting-for-a-table stood behind them and these ahlian bitches just continued yakking away, dius! How could someone, and a group at that, be soooooo insensitive?

After our meals, we left immediately to make way for others and this group of ugly ahlians were still, well, cleaning the table with their saliva. Some people just get on your nerves. Basket!

Buaya69 asks, "What good is a "high" education and a "high" salary when you are so low on the humanistic scale? Dius!"


rainbow angeles said...

Haha... but it wasn't not me, ok!! :P

ps: Eat earlier la... 11.45 liddat ma won't be so crowded lor ;-)

tigerjoe said...

Education does not equal common sense. And money does not equal good taste.


Buaya69 said...

rainbow angeles: 11.45? tak boleh ler. this place has sooooo many meetings, and blardy cold too! makes tummy growl growl quickly, heh!

tigerjoe: bruder! apa macam? hope the expat gals in mideast are treating you well, you know... ;) ;)

doc said...

Simple... Everyone should dump their empty trays, bowls and soiled tissues onto Ah Lians' table after finishing their food.

"You all not eating hor?" *dump*