Thursday, June 05, 2008

Feeling the pinch

I guess a lot has been written (and demonstrated) about the high jump in petrol price by 78sen to RM2.70 per litre of petrol. That's a freaking 41% increase!

I am already spending RM70 per week on petrol, and that's only from Monday to Friday's to-and-fro office. This recent increase just added another RM30 per week to my petrol bill. RM100 per week on petrol bill only... sob.

And if my wife and I can feel the pinch, what more of the lower income group? With wife, parents and kids to feed?


Me: Oi sayang, you looked really under the weather. Kenapa? Boss kera you ke?

Malay sexytary: Ya, saya tengah sakit ni. Last nite I queued for 45 minutes to fill-up my almost empty tank. Sakit, sakit...

Me: Ya ke? I tak queue queue. I calculated that I would only save RM10 because I was 3/4 full. But from this weekend, I think my refill bill would touch RM100, sakit! sakit!

Sexytary: Harlo yang, I lagi sakit. I drive a Naza Citra, cuba kira? Hmmmpphhh! And I voted for BN! Betul-betul Barang Naik, hmmmppphh! geramnya!!!!


Everywhere I go in the office, I can hear staff talking about their queueing experience, how it's going to impact their plans to buy car, house, savings, no more eating out, etc etc etc. This price hike was really a wake-up call but for the poor folks, it's from bad to worse.

Should we be anticipating more crime from now on? When hunger strikes, people will do drastic things to feed their love ones. Which parent can bear to see their baby or kids cry for food out of hunger? What would you do if you were that parent?


Over a drink, a person whom I respect and count as one of my best friends thought aloud, that Mr PM has been ill-advised on the fuel hike. It is too drastic and burdensome for the man-on-the-street. And he can't help but feel that a trojan horse made this happen to put Mr PM in a bad, bad light.

Whatever it was, Mr PM, since you dared to raise the fuel price by this much, burdening the poor further, you and your cabinet ministers in their black tailored suits must dare face the consequences, politically and socially. Now, where are the Petronas accounts?

Buaya69 says,"We are screwed! And I'm gonna yell out loud in pain!"

4 comments: said...

Ahhhh...we got a Yamaha scooter. More romantic to get around with hubby mah...

MsPuzzles said...

luckily we have 2 cars... and one of the is the kancil.....anyways if you read Dr M's blog he gave specific amt of $$ that petronas makes..... and after seeing a friend who works at petronas.... my! they are well taken care off..... each meeting ada food.... if biasa2 takpe this is from the shops in klcc.... how meh!!!

tigerjoe said...

Bro, this is not yet RM4 petrol. I would tell people to brace themselves, but it doesn't change the bottom line for most.

Buaya69 said...

lilian: ya, got hubby-love-handles to stabilise on bike summore, hehehehe

mspuzzles: well, ALL oil companies, be they upstream or downstream, pay darn well. Just ask your other friends in Haliburton, Shell, etc etc. We are screwed for our over dependence on oil :(

tigerjoe: i paid RM3.15/ltr for Shell's V-Power last nite. Why? coz no more "cheap" petrol. :(