Friday, May 23, 2008

Failing Hotbabe Radar

At the company cafe.....

Sexytary: Hoi buaya, did you see that blond hotbabe?

Me: Babe? Where?

Sexytary: Aiyoh, you blind or what? She was just standing beside you!

Me: Really? Where got?

Sexytary: Oi, you real or not? There! [points points] She's over there...

Me: Oh shit! I WAS standing beside her and didn't even notice her!

Sexytary: You semakin tua lar, just admit it lar [wink wink]

Me: Aiyoh, I was hungry mar! No energy to power my Babe Radar. Abuden, maybe should tweak the Babe Radar a bit. Time to go for shopping and use my "See without Seeing" cucimata kungfu, hehehe

Buaya69 says,"Sasaran di hadapan, 20m, siap, tembak!"


rainbow angeles said...

i hv a feeling we work under the same roof... jeng jeng jeng... *grins*

Buaya69 said...

rainbow: ya ke? jeng jeng jeng! :P

tigerjoe said...

Hahahah my radar seems to be improving as I age. Maybe you need to service yours a bit. LOL

Buaya69 said...

tigerjoe: ya, i think so too! muahahahar! [looks left and right for Mrs... coast clear? heh!]