Monday, May 12, 2008

Zorro, Rocky & Jeff are gonna wring my tail

Bumped into Dato' Syed Faisal at the club last week. Yeah, the same Dato' CEO of NSTP that has an ongoing civil case against Jeff Ooi and Rocky.

Faisal and I caught up with lost years in between us, how many kids we each have, how good he still looks after all these years - taking great care on his weight and not putting a pouch like the rest of us, and then we did the usual non-blogger thingy, we exchanged business cards, hah!

Finally told him that I attended the BUM 2008 and am a blogger. With eyebrows raised, and a "ohhhh", Faisal immediately asked for my blogsites. Well, here it is bruder! Just don't sue me, ok? :D


Uncle Zorro, when shall we next down some shots? I will bring my 18yo Highlander and then leave it at Gus's place, the Fisherman's Wharf. But please, don't compare this to your 30yo Famous Grouse... You know my number :P

Buaya69 asks,"I need my shots.... :D"

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