Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Feeling the pinch (2)

I was having tea with my malay buddy from another division, let's call him Mat. And naturally, we spoke of the increasing cost of living especially with housing loan, car loan, ageing parents and school going kids to support.

Mat: You know Buaya, I envy you cina. Food cost so much lesser.

B69: Apa cakap lu? My ayam and your ayam still the same price mar! :P

Mat: Kepala hotak engkau! I meant the restaurants lar. You try eating in a mamak or malay restaurant? You cuba kira how much an average plate of rice with meat and vege will cost. And don't get me started on Nasi Kandar restaurants, aiyoyo, mahal betui!

B69: Ya hor. My chap farn still manageable at RM4.50 max max. Nasi Kandar? Let's not venture there.

Mat: And come this budget day, if the Gahmen increase my harga rokok, I will... I will...

B69: ... quit smoking? Good for ya!

Mat: sigh.... I think I will downgrade to rokok daun soon

B69: I don't smoke, so tak tau ler, but I very the kek-sim (heartache) last nite kat Shell station. They ran out of the RM2.70 petrol, kononnya quota habis, so I was forced to pump RM3.15/ltr for Shell V-Power.... my bill easily more than RM100....

Mat: RM3.15? wah... I hope my blur-blur mya isteri tak pam V-Power, nanti poket I takde power lagi... -_-"""

Buaya69 is thinking,"Should I get a RM5k kapchai to scoot-scoot to and fro work? Hmmm..."


rainbow angeles said...

ha? got kuota habis mia sexcuse wan meh?? why not pump at other station woh?

kapchai now oledi 5K??? wah... last time oni 3-4k woh... nah, i dun think u wanna go on a kapchai... dangerous leh our roads... safety is more important, no? ;-)

tigerjoe said...

V-Power is a waste of money dey.

That extra price premium you pay is for additional MTBE, which is a petrol additive that increases combustion velocity and output coefficient.

In plain language, it means you burn more fuel at a faster rate. LOL

Doreen said...

also considering taking motor lesen!

doc said...

I switched to the green one... Blek! Now back to V-Power... :(

Buaya69 said...

angeles: getting mid-life crisis liao. need open top sports coupe or big bike.... heh! :P

tigerjoe: wahlaueh! abuden, i do get more km wor -_-""

doreen: you no need ler. sure got hensem guys wanna give you a lift wan, yes?

doc: yeah, more POWER! vrooom :P