Friday, October 05, 2007

The Photocopier

When I was an intern in an accounting firm about 20 years ago ( gah!), apart from my very senior boss, I was fortunate to be the only wannabe-alpha-male in the tax services department of 15 SYTs, woohoo!

ABUDEN, being the only alpha male also means you have to do what a man's expected to do, like scan the PC for virus (remember that this was 20 years ago, A:\Floppy was still KING!), map network printer to PC and etc etc that's techie and heavy lifting lar.

But it was in that firm that I really learnt how to repair a photocopier machine. That @#$% machine will magically paper jammed during tax filing deadlines and the SYTs would automatically turn into super-PMS girls. If looks can kill, I would have died 100 x 100 times already :P

When I finally graduated and was working in one of the Big 4 (at that time, it was Big 8!), that can-repair-photocopier machine skill was extremely helpful. In a department of 100 staff, we all shared a super-duper photocopier machine. It was 8-feet long, can perform stapling and sorting of papers up to 20 trays and can print faster than you can say "Hello". Yup, super expensive too.

Imagine... 100 plus persons sharing that machine. At anytime, you can see a line of people (mainly assistants) lining up to photocopy their documents. This was an opportune time to know my colleagues, especially the SYTs, hehehe.

Being a heavy duty machine, sometimes it gets paper jammed too (e.g. noobs loading the paper wrongly, arrgh!) and when that happens, the ever popular F and S word gets uttered. If I were there, provided there is at least one SYT around, I will go and fix that machine, opening up its covers like a pro, removing the rollers, turning here and there and voila! the jammed paper will wonderfully appear. The adoration of the SYT assistants, the "oohh" "ahhh" "tq tq tq" is enough payment. I also realised that photocopier/printer areas are very very important grounds for..... babe hunting! Muahahahar!

To the present day...

The photocopier machines have now morphed into photocopy-printer-fax-scanner machines, and due to their high cost, these are usually networked and shared by many many people. This combination presents another super opportunity for the office buaya/predator to get to know other colleagues, especially the tall, slim, black long haired SYTs, muahahahar!

Just about a year ago, my division used to share a photocopier-printer with 3 other divisions. And working in a bank, FEMALES RULEZ! I made so many new friends through this manner ;)

Now, if only the photocopier machine can also incorporate a coffee/expresso machine. Ahhh, that would have been ideal, muahahahahar!

Buaya69 screams, "Who's the asshole that placed a stapled document in the paper feeder??? It's freaking 9pm now, KNN!"

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