Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Garmin GPS10

About a week ago, after toying with the idea of getting a Garmin Nuvi 200 for RM1,100 cash, I finally decided, rather sensibly really, to use my ageing Palm Tungsten 3 to the max, and bought a Garmin GPS10 for RM400 at Low Yat plaza. It is now paired via Bluetooth to the Palm T3 for GPS navigation.

I think Palm has to thank Garmin, because due to the GPS10, my Palm T3's life has been extended. Soon, it will solely be used for my navigation purposes, that is
  1. If I can find a car charger for my ageing Palm T3 (a sourcing trip down to SG? hehehe), and
  2. Until I transfer my contacts, calendar, notes, memo and etc into my next Toy purchase, an Apple iPhone! Muahahahahar!
In the meantime, muah is a happy fatty crocodilly with his new toy. The GPS10 is a bit dated especially compared to handphones and GPS receivers with SiRF III chipsets, but it serves its purpose.

But what good is a GPS without useful maps? Thank goodness for the guys (and gals) at malsingmaps.com. This group of hobbyists have made ze bestest FREE GPS map of Malaysia, ever! Now, if I can only get the CETUS GPS to work with the GPS10 for tracking purposes... and then malsingmaps.com will be full of buaya-ism waypoints, muahahahaahar!

Buaya69 says, "Where shall we go for lunch? Asian, Western, BBQ? hehehe"

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