Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Upgraded the family car's sound system

After 4 years, I finally upgraded the family car's in-car sound system.

Please please please, this is NOT a buy-on-the-fly i.e. splurge. Our original Toyota CD+Cassette player is beginning to give up its power (pun intended!). To my surprise, it held up for 4 years and may go on for another year, but if not for it failing to play Mrs B and my girls favourite CD, I would not have thought of spending hard earned savings for an expense. (ya, rite..... :P)

And the damage report....

Fujitsu Ten Eclipse CD3000 (but the pic here was sourced from eBay)

Diamond front speakers + tweeters
PhoenixGold rear speakers
Eclipse iPod interface adapter iPC106

Got the Eclipse CD3000 at clearance price because there's already a replacement model, the CD3100. Had to change the OEM speakers too because their coils have given way already. Anyway, the OEM speakers are nothing to shout about but I must admit, Toyota's setup was quite optimised for the car. We enjoyed them through these 4 years (if your ears are de-sensitised lar, hehehe)

Overall, the new setup is without, or will ever install any amplifiers. The Eclipse is a high-end 5V in-dash receiver and is capable of powering those selected speakers. Any higher, I would have to install amplifiers but not these, hence money saved, heh! :) :D :P

Over the weeks, I ter-racun two of my colleagues. One of them just upgraded her car's sound system - an Alpine CD receiver which is iPod ready, Diamond front and Alpine rear speakers. The other ter-racun colleague is waiting for an iPod receiver for his Pioneer player, all from the same accessories shop run by Kelvin Ku.

What I liked about Kelvin is his honest advice, good service (setup, testing and after sales) and reasonable pricing. After hearing his setups and comparing to the Sony's and Clarions.... just like Mac, you'll never look back to Windows OS and PCs.

The Toyota is driven by Mrs B because it is a safer car to ferry the kids than my 10yo Wira. The kids can now sing along to their favourite CD and Mrs B has a better in-car sound to listen while inching along KL's traffic gridlock.

Abuden, there's something missing......

To be continued.... if I have the time to post Part 2 lar, oops!

Updated - 15 November 2007

Well, the missing part was the iPod nano 8Gb. Got it for Mrs B as a wedding anniversary present. Cerita kat sini.

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