Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Anger management


Recently, the incompetence of certain individuals got the better of me. No, I didn't lash out at them but I got really really really mad... fuming mad! I felt like wringing their necks and knocking their heads and shout "HARLO??? Knock knock! Anybody home???".

But physically and outwardly, I just let out looonnngggg sighs. Yes, there were many many sighing sessions. Apart from that, I was pretty quiet at my desk for the better of these two weeks. I guess my close colleagues can see the drastic weather change because I'm usually the noisy nosy practical joker around here.

Looking at the situation, I am glad I didn't loose my cool and became a raging lunatic. Work is work but I believe there is an unwritten code of human decorum in managing anger situations. You don't go about tongue lashing subordinates. You don't go about bad mouthing people to every listening ear. You may pour out your feelings to one or two trusted colleagues but that's it. Loosing your cool doesn't say that you are MAN or POWERFUL. It just says that you CAN'T CONTROL YOURSELF.

Yup. I think that's good advice to myself. Ain't blogging a great tool? Who needs a shrink? hehehe ;)

Buaya69 says... "Time to play with my Command & Conquer, muahahahar!"

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