Tuesday, January 30, 2007

To prosecute Ah Long's victims is missing the bigger picture

I read from The Star today that "Cops want to prosecute Ah Long's victims".

I seriously think they are missing the bigger picture and that is the availability of MICRO CREDIT. Of course, risks of non-performing loans needs to be mitigated but the overriding objective should not be profits but community obligation.

This is definitely NOT a private sector led venture as they generally don't have an appetite for such high risks/low returns social obligation. Our ELECTED government should lead and expand on this effort.

Having said that, I would like to read from the MAINSTREAM papers what the Government led hardcore poverty alleviation programs have achieved.

I am sure tax payers would appreciate that better than the purchase of a VVIP jet.

Buaya69 says... "OMG! Why am I so angst these days? damn..."

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