Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Buns to die for!

What do you do when the interior of your car smells? Put in an Ambipure? Spray with deodoriser? Or you can do what I did.

Go to KLCC, buy at least 10 Rotiboys, put them in your car, drive around for a while, and then go back to office/home and distribute out the rotiboys. OK, they cost RM1.50 each but you get a nice smelling car, delicious actually, and your colleagues/family will love you to bits.

Worth every ringgit, I tell you, especially when the office SYTs go, "Oh Rotiboys... For me? Why, tenkiuuuuu!"

Buaya69 says... "Two hot buns for your hot buns " *cough cough*


Jason said...

enough to cover women's perfume anot? :P

Buaya69 said...

perfume? gerenti boleh but about that LIPSTICK, well... ;)