Wednesday, May 26, 2010

HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje series

Suzanne: Daddy, can help me with my homework? I am very bad in class already... (sob sob sob)

B69: Oh dear, what homework is this?

Suzanne: Computer! Teacher asked us to do research on internet. Have to use google...

B69: Ooops! I see, I see... OK, let daddy think of how to help you, ok?

Suzanne: OK.... thanks daddy...

The truth is this. WE DON'T HAVE A CONNECTED PC AT HOME!!! Yes, there is a home wifi but I use my office notebook to connect to the wifi, not a home PC.

Suzanne is already 10yo. Gosh, how time flies. I guess it is the right time to allow her access into the big, beautiful, bad and ugly world of internet. Her school is already asking for internet research and multimedia projects. I can still remember that at that age, we were only asked to go to the library and pick up a book or create a model made up of glued toothpicks... ah, those were the days... (of glue sniffing, heh!)

I only had 3 nights in KL and I posted the "issue" on my Facebook. The response from friends was enlightening but I finally decided on a HP Mini - good for internet and small enough for Mrs B to carry to Saigon.

On my last night in KL, I went out and bought the HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje series for RM1349 from the Notebook Zone, located at the Ground Floor of Digital Mall, PJ. After that, I went to pick up Mrs B from her function...

B69: Look dear, see what I bought?

Mrs B: Wow! So small! Nice!

B69: It's for you and Suzanne, but you need to guide her on the do's and don'ts on the internet like not to give out details to strangers, no on-line chatting with peeps she doesn't know... those kind of stuff.

Back at home, Suzanne was very happy but she contained her joy and glee pretty well. She's not like her younger 6yo sister SueAnne who would burst into a Bollywood song and dance, hah!

Oh gosh, I'm missing my family from here in Saigon.... :(

Buaya69 says, "The girls are growing up too quickly..."


rainbow angeles said...

when are they going over? i thot they are there already? summer hols kambing soon! =)

wanna be FB friends? :p

NHACF.COM said...
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Buaya69 said...

FB? FB blocked in VN ler.... :(

rainbow angeles said...

Psstt.. got workaround one ler... *wink*

Try this and see!

It worked for me then ;-) I just read in the comments, can try to use ?