Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Phu Quoc Island

This photo was taken with my Blackberry while working from the beer hut on the beach at Saigon Phu Quoc Resort. Notice that the sea is just a few feet away and that the width of the beach is only about 12 - 16 feet...

The beach looks nice from this photo but that's because there's a protective net further out that protected the beach from debris. Let me tell you this. My colleagues and I walked further up from this photo and we saw a huge dead rat, lots of dead chicks, plastic bags, durian shells, plastic water bottles, dead (small) fishes... lots of them. Only a few dared swim in the sea as we would see plastic bags floating by and other "stuff". Finally, we frollicked in the resort's inviting pool rather than the sea. What a waste!

But apart from that, Phu Quoc has its charms. What I loved best of Phu Quoc was again the beach, but at night. Sitting on a beach chair, just looking out at the horizon lighted by the lights of the numerous fishing boats, and the wind... yes... the cooling breeze brushing against my face and hair... bliss!

Phu Quoc is not really a place to "do many things" like what most Asian tourists would do. It really is just a place to chill out, relax, have a cool drink in your hand, sitting under the coconut tree, letting the sea breeze hit your face kind of thingy. Oh, don't worry about coconuts falling on your head ala Isaac Newton. The resort's staff frequently ensured that the trees are "de-nut" frequently, heh!

So, would I go back to Phu Quoc Island? It's just a short 60 minutes flight from Saigon on a Fokker 50. I think I will conclude on that question after I have visited the other beaches of Vietnam, namely Danang, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Mui Ne...

And I would probably start a new beach rating system - like how many PAPAYAs plucked with 5 Papayas denoting Victoria Secret/Swimsuit Illustrated quality, muahahahahahahar!

Buaya69 says, "On the beach, forget about swimsuits - go bikini!" :P :P :P

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