Sunday, February 21, 2010

Countdown - D minus 7

D minus 7, i.e. 7 days left. Soon, this Buaya will be reporting to work in Vietnam.

I'm a "bit" late in this "Malaysian working abroad" thingy when compared to my high school buddies. With me gone, there will only be 3 left in Malaysia... OMG, 3!!! The rest are already working in Singapore, China, Dubai and USA. I seriously doubt that they will be coming back to work in Malaysia.

The great Malaysian brain drain - it's real!

But I'm not exactly a brain drain. I see myself more like a brain- export, heh! I will still be working with the same organisation, just in another country.


Suzanne: Daddy, why must you go to work in Vietnam?

Me: Because the firm transfer me there mah.

Suzanne: No... why must you go to Vietnam to work?

Me: errr.... good question.... errr, so that you can go to an international school? so that you can experience life in another country? so that daddy can get his promotion? so that mommy don't have to work? so that you and your sisters will be global students? ... the world is your oyster dear...

Suzanne: But I like my school. I like my school friends....

Me: Sayang, I know that it is not easy to leave familiar things and faces behind. It's never easy to do something new and big and so unknown. But, life is one big great adventure. Life rewards those that see the good things and possibilities in all situations, good and bad. Experience the moment, cherish it and yet not be bound by that experience. Life rewards those who are brave to move on...

Suzanne: Oh daddy... how long will we be there?

Me: Many many years sayang.... You will finish your Standard 4 here. Daddy will find for you and your sister Sue Anne a nice school in Vietnam to study next year.


At the ripe "old age" of 40, this Buaya is again embarking on something new, only this time, the family is coming along. Mrs B and I are excited about this posting. It has been in the works since early 2008 and we have talked about how it is going to impact our marriage, parents, kids... all in great lengths.

Mrs B has been a great supporter of this family adventure that I'm taking them along. Come to think of it, the Year of the Tiger has seen significant changes in both our life. To begin with, we were married in the Year of the Tiger 1998. The marriage institution has always been a great life-changer! Now, in this Tiger 2010, a new chapter will be unfolding soon...

The mission is simple - Take the lead... and get sustainable results!

Buaya69 says to Mrs B, "Dear, no need to bring too many kids clothes. check out Saigon Square here" :P


angeles (ex-astro) said...

hi buaya, congratulations on your 'transfer'!

1 year ago, my BIL got a permanent position in hcmc too. he's working for a big, reputable sporean company and like you, he's also a 'finance' guy. he's got all the expat benefits etc and like you, everyone was excited. expat woh, dun pray pray!

fast forward 1 yr later, he was asked to leave! wah piang! so fast??!! and that is the reality... of cos the 'usual' EXCUSES given was the cost blablabla...

anyway, his last day is sometime in april... but isn't this disappointing? knn... oops! :p

anyway, happy saigon-ing! i dun really like the place... so many motorbikes and they are mostly VERY reckless! ishhhh! plus, the things there are not really that cheap... but, it's a good experience, nonetheless! have a good one! =)

Buaya69 said...

angeles: hi, long time no hear! my fault tho. hardly have time to update this blog. anyway, what a bummer your BIL is facing. Hope he gets another job soon.