Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Have a nice day!

I love going to this particular office because the receptionist there is dang cun. Sweet, nice face with "handful" of boobs, heh! *cough cough*

Early this morning, I had an appointment at the building and needed to get the security pass from her. As I handed over my ID...

Hotbabe: Good morning Mr Buaya.

Me: Good morning.....

And I leant over the counter, looking down at her sitting there taking down my particulars, and I couldn't help but stare and stare and stare at her boobs. OMG! I have becomed a Dirty Ol'Man this morning! Usually the DOM syndrome only starts at night, heh!

Hotbabe didn't know that I was stealing glances at her boobs. I was struggling inside - should I tell her or not?

Hotbabe: Here's the card Mr Buaya. Have a good day.

Me: Thanks! [whisper] pssstt... one of your blouse's button is undone.

Hotbabe: [Facial expression changed to embarassment. Her blouse's top button was fasten but was undone at the chest hence could clearly see her bra] Sorry.... [Quickly tries to button her blouse]

Me: It's OK (of course lar!). Have a nice day!

Buaya69 sings,"It wasn't me!"

Jessica Simpson with unbuttoned blouse...


doc said...

TSK!!! You selfish DOM you!

Hyphenated L said...

the button's undone purposely la dude.. it's for all the DOM in everyman, and for freedom of the boobs to breathe..

Buaya69 said...

doc: :P :P :P

L: wooo, can i use this line at the studios? lotsa hotbabes working as producers, hehehe :D :D :D

desiderata said...

B96, art thou preGnant,buaYa!?
in chinoserie kultur, DOM is strickedly for PREgNANT ladies n men, that applies even the man came in crocclothes in the moUrn looking at poop!:) Have a DANKdie!:)
L've, DesiFOOLofErrata:)

Buaya69 said...

desi: bwahahaha! my rub-a-dub-dub does give the impression that i'm pregnant, heh! ok ok, i'm FAT! :P