Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rock thrown at my speeding car on the East Coast Expressway

On Friday 25 July 2008, about 7.25pm, along the East Coast Expressway (aka Karak highway) km141.7 heading towards Kuantan, some @#$% maniac threw a rock at my speeding car from a hillslope and smashed my rear passenger side window.

These are the pics my friend took of the damage:

The rest of the story:

My colleague was reclining at the front passenger seat. We just had our McD Quarter Pounder which we bought at the Genting Sempah outlet. There was still some light from the setting sun when suddenly, I saw up ahead, big yellow coloured rocks on the road strewn across the slow lane to the fast lane. There was no way I can avoid the rocks.

Slowing down from 120km/h, I think I hit the rocks at 90km/h and at that precise moment, BANG! Shattered glass was flying all over the cabin and wind was just howling in. My colleague woke up and asked "What happened??!!!???". All I could say was "Rock... we hit a rock."

We pulled over just around a bend 300 metres in front and I saw an MPV and a Honda hogging the SOS booth. I pulled up slightly upfront and got out to inspect the damage. Immediately, two chinese men and an elderly malay man ran over. One of the chinese guys shouted,"Wahhhh, li kor chung sai leh arrr!!" meaning "Fuck! This fella got it worse!!!"

I think they were as relieved as me that none of us were hurt, it's only damage to the car. They told us that rocks were also thrown at them back at the bend. One of the chinese fella was so enraged that he wanted to climb that hill and beat the shit out of the rock throwers. Anyway, we all parted ways leaving me to figure out whether to continue driving ahead and seek help at an unfamiliar town or turn back to KL. Looking at the damage and the expected rains over the weekend, we decided to turn back.

At the Maran exit, we made a report at the toll plaza. Apparently, we were the second car to make such a report that evening.

On our way back, we said our thanks. If our car was slightly faster, the rock could have shattered the front passenger side and blinded my friend or seriously disfiguring his face. And I, due to the flying shattered glass, could have lost control of the car and then KABOOM!

I believed that my colleague, just like me, played out the event over and over again as we were drove back to KL. We were that split second close to horrendous possibilities. The cost of repairing the bent frame and a new window, only a small fee of RM330. Coming out alive and scratch free, priceless.

What's next?
Arising from this, I have made arrangement with an ex-colleague to shop for car window tinting this weekend. I will also be writing to MTD Prime and give them a piece of my mind.

Buaya69 says,"Syukurlah, I can still hug my wife and kids" ;)


simon said...

wah these ppl giler one... good thing u guys are safe

Tiuniasing said...

If you did not slow down your car, most probably you could have avoided it.

JT said...

my friend was killed in an exactly the same situation, he was driving his van and the brick smashed thro the windscreen and kena his face.

consider yrself lucky.

u might want to report to the police,