Monday, April 28, 2008


B69: I’m stressed! @#$%^& stressed!

HotYoungMalayChick (HMC): Is it? Come! Let’s go for a smoke. I belanja.

B69: Smoke? Only pipes and cigars for me. No sticks, thank you.

HYMC: Ya ke? Wah, abang ni ada gaya.

B69: Hehehe, not like you, can tarik tarik kat luar. Woi, how many buaya’s and hari-harimau’s have you attracted so far? I’m sure you have a fan club at the smoking zone.

HYMC: Takde lar! Where got? So many other hot chicks in jeans kat this place. Most men treat me like a small adik aje.

B69: Tu lar, that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. Some like it hot and young! Muahahahaar!

HYMC: Hoi! *piak piak buaya69* Anyway, when they know that you are my boss, most of them back off, hehehehe! You bigger buaya mar!

B69: -_-""" ... anyway... (tukar topic), how may sticks do you light up a day?

HYMC: eeyerr, shy lar....

B69: Cakaplar. Tak perlu shy shy one, kan saya Uncle Buaya? *evil grin*

HYMC: *blek!* Anyway, if you want to know, I have been trying to cut down. Right now I am smoking one box a day?

B69: Fulamak! I hope they are "lights"?

HYMC: hehehe, no lar. Sempoerna....

B69: -_-"""" woah.... that's... like a LOT!

HYMC: *shy shy* yah....

Seriously, I see so many of our youth smoking their lives away. Why? Why? Why? Is it because of peer pressure? And pressure for what? To blend in? Gaya hebat? To tell your peers that I have grown up?

Aiyoh, I guess it's true then. Youth is indeed wasted on the young. Sigh....

Buaya69 says,"Oi! Go play PS2 kalu stress stress lar!" hehehe


Doreen said...

heh, it's the 'industry'? :P

seems like you're having fun! lol.

Buaya69 said...

doreen: yup, lotsa "fun"... :P