Thursday, March 27, 2008

New job, new challenges

Man, this site sure has lots of cobwebs! *brush brush*

To the few (less than 10 me thinks) than still comes over to this already pathetic blog, a short update on me me me.

The blog title says it all. I have just changed job and from the Financial Services industry, I am now in the Entertainment and Broadcasting industry. A totally different ballgame altogether, wahlaueh!

And no, although I am a MICPA, I am not in the finance department but in a role not many people would dream of putting into their "cita-cita section". I think this is because hardly anyone hears about such positions and secondly, even if they know, this job comes loaded with problems because, well, it's a problem solving position. Definitely not for someone with small balls for dogfights or weak stomachs for abuses but if you are someone like KennySia with Big Bird and balls of Coconuts, email me! Buaya69 needs you here, heh!

I have been thrown into the medium end of things here, largely thanks to my boss shielding me from most of the key issues, not because he favours me, but because I know so very little about the business. The challenge is for me to pick things up exponentially quickly but kindergarten time is running out because the next Board meeting is just a month away, yikes!

Having said the above, this would be the last time I mention about my present job. My policy is not to blog about my job or duties, as proven from my earlier posts. Confidentiality is important especially in these days of commercial and intellectual espionage and we owe a duty of trust to our employer.

One good thing that comes with my job is time, YES! When I am a bit more settled down, I can get down to posting all those things I wanna blog for sooooo soooooo loooonnng, especially for my family blog.

Until the next post, cherio!


angeles said...

Entertainment & Broadcasting??? Eh? Now u got me wondering if we were under the same roof... ?


Doreen said...

heh, welcome into the industry? :P
good luck hey!

Buaya69 said...

angeles: you would know if there's a ol'hensem looking buaya strutting into your office, bwahahaha!

doreen: thanks x 1mil! i need all the luck. this industry is cut-throat! but lotsa nice babes, hehehe :P :P :P