Thursday, March 15, 2007

My dream car number

I'm back! I'm back! Just came back to work yesterday.

Sorry for the long silence. If you had read my family blog, you would know that I was under "house arrest" due to chicken pox. Of all times, I got it during the CNY holidays! Suffer man, especially from Blackjack withdrawal symptoms, heh!

Ah, by now you would have guessed, yes, I am one of those super ulu urban folks who do not have a broadband line at home, not even dial-up!


Today, I went out for lunch with my office mates. On the way back, we saw a car plate CY 1. I told them that I once saw a JED 1 at my taman, hence started our special car number plate conversation.

B69: Hey Jess (girl). You are getting your new car soon, right?

Jess: Yes, next week.

B69: So, what number plate are you going to get?

Jess: I don't know yet. Any number will do lar. It's just a number, right?

Capt (one damn handsome bloke): Right and wrong. You wouldn't want to drive home with 5354, hahaha! (cantonese = not dead, not alive)

Jess: Aiyah, but I dunno what number to get lar.

B69: OK OK, let me help you. How about 1169? (Canto = everyday fark)

Jess: 1169... sounds nice. (Capt trying to control laughter...)

B69: If that's taken, you can try 6789 or with a twist, 9678 (Capt, trying much harder...) - (canto = "private part sure prosperous" and "play private part and prosper"!)

Jess: 6789.. hmm, not bad too.

Honey: Err, Jess. This is Buaya we are talking about. Must be funny numbers one, careful ok!

Jess: Eh, ya lar. This is Buaya! Oi! What does those numbers mean ar? Cepat, cakap!

B69: Where got? All nice numbers what. You can also try 9674. Sure dapat one! (Canto = play private part and die!)

Capt: Bwahahahahahahaha!

Jess & Honey: *pinch pinch Buaya* Oi! Talk!

B69: ouch ouch ouch!


But if you ask me, there's one special number I would like to get, if I have the extra moolah to spend on such frivolous things lar. It is a Selangor plate and it's

BAD 455

Buaya69 says... "I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it!"


teetwoh said...

I once saw a Maserati outside Concorde Hotel with "WET 1"

Hyphenated L said...

you're tagged.. and i'll be looking forward to seeing BAD 455 in one of my drives around KL..

Buaya69 said...

teetwoh: yesterday i saw a waja with WAN 1. whoa!

L: ai yai yai!