Friday, November 03, 2006

No balls

"Story 1:
Sources said Dr Khir was expected to advise Mazlynoor to voluntarily relinquish his councillor’s post, which was also what he had said to Kapar Umno division chief Faizal Abdullah. Link"

"Story 2:
Hours earlier, Abdullah, who is also Umno president, had said Zakaria should pull out from the swearing-in ceremony for councillors on Nov 8. As for Zakaria’s post as Klang Umno division chief, he said no decision had been made.

“He has been a good leader to his division,” Abdullah said after chairing the supreme council meeting yesterday.

Asked why Umno allowed Zakaria to continue holding his division chief post despite the embarassment he has caused, Abdullah said the wrongdoing was not a party matter. Link"

I hope that UMNO and the Government (Yes, the whole Barisan Nasional) realises that the Joe Public/RAKYAT (all races) perception from the above statements and timing of the follow-up actions is - YOU HAVE NO BALLS! Advise aje ke? Fuwah!

And then we have the regulators preaching to us about CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (see Wikipedia). It is about time we, the Joe Public/RAKYAT shout out in a clear, loud and united voice to the Executive and Parliament that we are always right to demand for PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY because we gave you the Parliamentary Vote of Confidence. Denying us this public accountability is akin to BETRAYAL to the RAKYAT.

Buaya69 asks... "Is it so hard to provide public accountability to us RAKYAT? Sigh..."


5xmom said...

Yeah! Saya Undi Buaya!The whole bunch ought to go bootcamp for some training lah.

No balls - Hokkien : Boh Lam Pah

simon said...

yeah man! buaya would make a good wakil rakyat!!

ah pek said...

or say,

Lam Pah Qiu Liao

oso can.

Buaya69 said...

Lilian: yah, and those who simply say this and that have to eat cabai burung, muahahahar!

simon: yah, down with the dacing! pangkah the Buaya symbol! :P :D

ahpek: bwahahaha!