Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Emotionless radio ads

I was driving along the highway, tuned in to an English radio channel when this radio ad came up. It went something like this:
Mom: Oh, a mosquito. Daniel, please take the XYZ (brand of an insecticide) and spray at the mosquito. You never know, it might be a dangerous Aedes mosquito that spreads denggi.

Friend: Oh, you use XYZ too?

Mom: Yes, it is water-based and etc etc etc.
True, I have not gotten the exact words of this water-based insecticide's radio ad but that isn't the point of this "observation" post. If you have heard the radio ad before, I think most would agree with me that it was so DEAD! So lifeless, so UNREAL. Normal Malaysians don't talk like that ler.

If I were to do a radio ad, I probably will propose to do it the Malaysian-way. Let's start with Chinese-English:
Father: Dius! Got moskito! KNN! Kia-ah (son in Hokkien), go get that XYZ and spray this CCB-mya moskito! KNN! Read newspaper oso want to disturb. Dunno who is Uncle Lee, krak-ptui!
No good? How about the Buaya69's version for Malay radio ad?
Ayah: Ish! Kepara hotak engkau! Nyamuk! Mon! Pi ambik tu XYZ spray. Cilaka mya nyamuk! Pi mampui!
Sorry, no Tamil/Hindi radio ad version. Buaya69 only knows the very very bad tamil words, heh!

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