Thursday, November 30, 2006

Directing SYT at KLCC

Standing at the centre court in KLCC, admiring the yet to be lighted gigantic christmas tree, I was suddenly approached by a SYT. She had a light blue spaghetti blouse and tight blue jeans. Her solenoids were, for a lack of a word, well formed. Long flowing black hair, double eyelids, blue eyes (must be coloured contact lenses), 5' 5".... in Buaya terms, delectable, until....

SYT: haarlo, xsuse me. Yous tell me where I find po off is?

Me: err.. (deciphering).. oh, the post office?

SYT: Yah yah! Po off is.

Me: Well, we are now at the centre court. You see those escalators?

SYT: Oh, the lifts? Yah!

Me: (cringing) Err, yes. Go pass them and you will see Tower Records. Then take a left turn (hand signal left turning), walk straight to the end about 20 meters, and you will see the post office to your right.

SYT: huh? Go up lift, then turn left... err, is it very far?

Me: No no, not up the escalators. Walk pass them and.... you know, why don't I take you there?

SYT: Oh no no, is ok. (smiles sweetly) Tell me how again?

And this time I spoke in good ol'KL cantonese dialect. SYT thanked me and walked off in the right direction. I watched as she walked away. Nice ass. Wished I hadn't spoken in cantonese. Sometimes being able to communicate can be a loss, you know what I mean?

Buaya69 says... "Verily verily I tell you. What a bloody waste, damn..."

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cemilion said...

you might've got lucky.