Sunday, August 01, 2010

Burn out...

Today marks my 5th month in Vietnam. Whoever said that Saigon is a "walk-in-the-park" and a "holiday" posting deserves to go into the Vietnamese grill hot pot (sizzle sizzle, boil boil).

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It has been an interesting and adjusting five months for me and my family, since I'm here and Mrs B and the girls are still in KL. It has not been easy for us but I'm happy to say that things are much better now.

In May, I experienced a burnt-out like I have never experienced before. For 2 weeks, my mind and body just collapsed. It took me hours just to type a simple email reply and I was feeling exhausted all the time. To make it worse, I did extra entertaining during this period which resulted in a stomach upsets and above limit alcohol consumption. Stupid, right?

But on hindsight, I guess I had to go through a burnt out. At the end of it, I re-focused on my purpose and vision for the business and my family. I needed that "something greater than myself" and it pulled me out of a spiral.

The experience also told me that I'm not a superman. I must build up a dedicated team here if this business is to make a respectable reputation and impact in Vietnam. Hopefully, I can have a successor in 3 years time. As MJ said, "This is it!"

Buaya69 says,"Make a difference! yeehah!"

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