Monday, December 31, 2007

Leica D-Lux3

B69: Dear... *ahem cough cough, clears throat*... I splurged today, on a camera....

Mrs B: sigh, these things don't last long, do they? You just bought one 3 years ago! And that was to take our baby SueAnne's photos not long after she was born... haiyar! *walks away*

B69: *gulps!*

Two days later, as we were preparing to go out...

Mrs B: Is that the new camera you bought? *Pointing to my camera waist pouch*

B69: errr, arrr, err *GULPS* .... y..e...s...?

Mrs B: OMG OMG OMG! You bought a LEICA??? okkkkk... how much was it? *gives Stare of Death*

B69: errr... RM2k plus plus? but but but *clears throat* the Canon Ixus40 was giving problems already mar.... so I beli replacement lor... takes very nice photos you know... and this is a cheapo Leica, not the Leica M8 leh.... *wait for Mrs B's killer blow*

Mrs B: Ok lar, I let you escape this time. Go and enjoy your new toy *smile smile at me - somehow, I think she enjoys torturing me, heh! :P*

My trusty Canon IXUS40 will now be relegated to "Go To Work" camera while the Leica Dlux3 will be the "Family Outing" camera. The Canon has been good to us but the connector has been giving us lots of trouble lately. After CNY, I will send it in for servicing. Hopefully, it does not cost more than RM100 for parts and services.

My hands perspire a lot (that's why I so ham ham sup sup, hah!). THE colour for a Leica is black, but to avoid the camera from being a fingerprint magnet, I reluctantly took the silver Leica. The bonus was of course the Dlux3 leather pouch - limited and almost hard to get - and I got ONE ONE ONE! *Buaya69 does the freaky consumer dance*

Yup, that's another new toy for Buaya69. Please excuse me while I go practice by taking SYT photos in black & white, muahahahahar!

Buaya69 is... "saving for an M8.. now, THAT's a camera!"

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