Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rocky & Jeff Ooi, we are with you!

Thanks to Sheih aka Kickdefella for the poster. Rightly said bruder. Read Nurina A. Samad as she was there when Rocky was given "notice". Jeff Ooi also kena Nasty Pee's papers.

What can I/we do?
  • Blog the blardy story! Spread it far and wide. It's public news anyway.
  • I have money to contribute to the war/defence chest. Jeff & Rocky, just give me the bank account numbers.
  • I continue not to buy NST papers. I'm a The Star and The Sun reader anyway, heh!
Now, does anyone still have that "Save Jeff Ooi" button the Malaysian blogosphere spread a few years ago?

What do I feel about this event?

Not good at all. It feels like David vs Goliath. It feels like bullying ala Singapore "See-you-in-Court" style. It feels like Politics and Money Power is Right. It feels like "OMG! Kill all the bloggers! They are scums of the public mind!"

Heck, the undertone is that it feels like UMNO wants to gag us all. Why? Because NSTP's major shareholder is Media Prima Bhd and the latter itself is substantially owned by MRCB, a company generally attributed to be UMNO-linked and we all know who the incumbent UMNO President is. Yes, it's unfair to link it all the way but that's how perception is. So, am I defaming anyone here?

But one thing really positive coming out of this is....

Buaya69 says... "A nation of people without righteousness has no soul."


Anonymous said...

How come you don't write about mrs. buaya anymore? heehee

Buaya69 said...

dear anon, you want me to die ar? :P

Anonymous said...

Blog is ok if told it's not true or just making assuptions. It's not ok if pretend to be valid information but actually baseless. Blogging if getting personal to defame people is not a good practice. I read many stories about this person you put up a blog for him. Ethically he is not a person I would respect. Jeff ooi from Malaysia was actively posting his blogs and also actively joining social activities making him activist, but that doesn't mean he can simply defame people. Self control is very important if healthy blogging is the direction.

I support blogging but I don't think simply defame people is the right thing. Hope he behave and do some good blogging in future.