Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Cleavage leverage

Conversation while walking to lunch venue:

Buaya69: Wooo, today you are dressed, how would I say, yummily... slurrp! (act wiping fictitious drool from mouth)

Amy (fellow manager): Well, after lunch, I have a one-to-one meeting with Mussollini (raises eyebrows).

Buaya69: Izzit? My condolences. Make sure you eat loads of garlic during lunch.

Amy: Garlic will only seal my fate as his enemy for life. I may need him later.

Buaya69: Woo, hence the Gong Li valley? Hmm, how come you don't give me such special treatment? I am so huuurrrttt! *pretend jealous*

Amy: Eh, don't cuba merajuk lar. Mussolini has what I need. Whereas you... mmm, (sizing me up and down)... I will think about it! hehehe

Buaya69: Ack! Choke choke! I have a cheeky manageress on my hands. Wait-ler you. Appraisal time is just around the corner, muahahahar! *clasp hands like evil boss*

Amy: Ah, by then you better give me a good appraisal. If I get my ways with Mussolini, we are home free. I want that promotion, that bonus, that platinum card, and that club membership. You think I show cleavage for free ar? *giggle giggle*

Buaya69: Woi, you think I am da pimp or what? I didn't even ask you to see that Mussolini. What does he have that's of any good to us? I am telling you, you are wasting those jiggly things on him. And since when are we into cleavage politics? We are professionals lar. *Act like very ethical fella, if there's such a thing!*

Amy: Since the day I learnt that from my ex-lady boss at XYZ Bank. She was the Head of Credit Collections. Sex does sell, you didn't know that meh? Especially when dealing with difficult customers, not always though, but can be used effectively *giggle giggle*

Buaya69: Of course I do. I'm a buaya after all *cough cough*. (Flashbacks about how I got conned into certain credit cards...)

Amy: That's why my ex-department had very good statistics, results wise and also *ahem* body wise.

Buaya69: Hmm, in order to see more valleys, must I tell the other guys to be difficult to you? I think that can be arranged, muahahahahar!

Amy: And destroy this department's secret weapon? Me? You better think twice.

Buaya69: Bwahahahaha! Girl, you are evil!

Amy: When you have the boobs, you learn very quickly how to handle pricks. And buaya boss's like you. *giggle giggle*

Buaya69: -_-"""

Buaya69 says... "You don't learn these in Harvard..."


hyphenated L said...

cleavage sells.. untill the client's wife joins in the meeting .. hiyargghhhh!

Buaya69 said...

L: i can imagine, hmmm yummy! :P